Forms, Fees & Resources

Entry Forms & Fees

The deadline to enter the 2024 Festival is Friday March 1.  Payment for your entry must accompany your form. There are now TWO ways to let us know you will be entering this year’s “Festival”. 

  1.  You can complete the traditional form by downloading it, filling it out by hand and mailing or emailing it to us.
     2024 Entry Form for Soloists, Duets and Small Groups
     2024 Entry Form for Large Groups and School Classes
  2.  You can now complete and submit your entry form using the NEW, quick on-line form!
    2024 ON-LINE Entry form for Soloists and Duets
    2024 ON-LINE Entry form for Groups and School Classes

Our entry fees have not increased since 2016 🙂 

Solo – $10.00
Duo – $15.00
Group (3 or more) – $20.00
Quick Study (all divisions) – $20.00

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING E-TRANSFERS for payments of Entry Fees!  Please send fees to  THANK YOU!!

Scholarships & Bursaries

We welcome all participants of the Festival that are 12 years of age or older (as of January 1 of the Festival year) to apply for a “Muriel and Gordon Ross Memorial Scholarship” and/or a “Festival Arts Bursary”.  Please complete this form 2024 Application for Festival Scholarships and Bursaries and prepare a short essay (see below).  Send your form and your essay by March 31, 2024 to the Festival Committee at P.O. Box 806, Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3N1 or by emailing us at

Each Scholarship/Bursary applicant must describe in 500 to 1000 words why they enjoy music or drama.  How has music/drama affected your life so far?  How do you see yourself using your musical/dramatic talent in the future?  We encourage you to express your love of music or drama in your application.  Don’t forget to attach this Application Form to your essay.

If you are applying for multiple bursaries (under different divisions), only one essay is necessary.  Please indicate the Divisions for which you would like to be considered on your application form.  Previous scholarship / bursary winners are welcome to apply; however, priority will be given to those who have not yet received one of these awards.  All Festival Rules apply to these awards (please refer to the Syllabus) and you must have entered a minimum of two classes in each of the divisions for which you are applying.

Syllabus & Resource Manual

2024 RRDFPA Syllabus and 2023 AMAF Syllabus

RRDFPA Resource Manual (2023 edition) and AMAF Speech Arts Suggested Repertoire Lists (2024 edition)

When considering entering the 2024 Festival, you may use the RRDFPA Syllabus and Resource Manual as a guide in choosing a performance piece or selection.  Please note that in late 2023, the AMAF (Association of Manitoba Arts Festivals) made significant updates to their provincial syllabus.  As such, there are many changes to our own 2024 syllabus.  Along with the addition of new categories and the removal of some old categories, MANY class numbers have changed in all divisions!  Please use the new class numbers and do not use class numbers from an old syllabus.  

The Syllabus is a list of all of the classes that a participant may enter.  It is divided into sections by division – Piano, Vocal, Instrumental and Drama. Each class has a unique identifying number.  Classes are specific to an age group, a study or grade level and/or to a genre.  The Vocal, Piano, Drama and Instrumental Syllabi have been significantly revised, as of January 31, 2024. Most of the changes are to re-align ourselves with the Manitoba Music Festival Association, to which we belong.  We’ve added a link, above, to the AMAF syllabus for your reference.

The Resource Manual, which contains the full text of suggested Drama selections, remains relatively unchanged from previous years.  It is 334 pages, so we don’t recommend that you try to print the entire thing!  A copy will be made available for reference at the Fort Frances Public Library.  Once you open the pdf file, use the search option to find your grade level (for example, “Grade 6”), genre (for example, “Choral Speaking”) or style (for example, “Humorous Poetry”).  Also keep in mind that for almost every drama class you can choose something totally unique by using “Own Choice”.  The drama selections in our Resource Manual are some of our favourites, but they are suggestions only.  This year we have also provided a separate document with the AMAF 2023 updated “Speech Arts Suggested Repertoire Lists”.  The poems, prose readings, etc. listed in that document may be also be used by any soloist or group regardless of whether or not they are hoping to be recommended to the Manitoba Provincial Festival.  Copies of those texts may be requested from the RRDFPA Committee by email or you may use AMAF Access Copyright license to reproduce copies from other sources (please refer to our syllabus for details regarding the AMAF Access Copyright License)

If you have any questions regarding the Resource Manual or the revised Syllabus or notice typographical errors, please do not hesitate to contact us at