School Teachers

Dear Teachers,

I know you are heading into report card time and you are not thinking of anything extra to add to your workload. I am writing this letter because I know how you are feeling and I am offering up some thoughts for your second term. By choosing to participate in the festival you can include many of your curriculum expectations with one selection thus reducing your workload.

Here are some suggestions:


  • Choral Speaking, Reader‚ Theatre (Full Class)
  • Reading, Spoken Poetry (Individual – You may have students that need a challenge. Often principals may pay for those students that would like to participate. If not encourage parents to register the student)


  • Vocal‚ Choral Singing‚ you do not need to be a music teacher to enter
  • Rap (New this year)
  • Instrumental‚ Recorders, Band and Home Made Instruments (sing along to simple melodies while playing your instruments)

Oral Communication

Some of the language expectations that can be covered by participating in the festival are:

  • Active Listening Skills
  • Identifying purposes for listening,
  • Demonstrating an understanding of an appropriate speaking behaviour in a variety of situations
  • Communicating ideas and information orally in a clear and coherent manner


Students can perform their own poetry or rap song. As a class you can easily write a Reader‚ Theater script to perform!

As a committee we understand that the rising costs of bussing may prohibit you from participating. We always try to schedule around the schools that have the most classes involved, so this means you may not have to travel at all!

We recently created a special Entry Form with School Teachers in mind. We hope that you find it easy to use. Check it out on the “Forms, Fees and Resources” page under the “Participate” tab of our website. As well, we’re on Facebook – feel free to like us and share our page!

If you would like any help with choosing a selection, coaching your class or help with writing a Reader‚ Theatre script please feel free to call me at  275-9134.


Cynthia j Donald, B.A., B.Ed
Past-Chair of the Rainy River District Festival Committee